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Put With Friends


Since the popularity of turn-based, network games like Draw Something and Words With Friends, I’ve always found games like these bring out the competitive side of me. It’s always fun to challenge friends or even random players who happen to be online. Mini Golf Matchup is yet another addition to this genre, and not only is it addictive – it’s loads of fun, too!

Finding Playmates

As the game relies on a network of some sort to play with others, an Internet connection is a must. You can play with Facebook friends or random buddy, and even set up a rematch for a specific player. If you’re playing for the first time, chances are you’ll have to play with a random buddy first, since you’ll have to add or invite your Facebook friends and wait for them to accept (or reject) your invite.

I didn’t want to annoy any of my Facebook friends, so I decided to play with random users. This proved to be very interesting, as some players took me by surprise and won the game, while others were totally dominated by my high (and lucky) scores.

Put Like A Pro

Game controls for “pushing” the ball is the standard pull-and-release method, much like Angry Birds. The farther you pull, the stronger the force of the ball. This also adds a physics-based spin on the game, and therefore separating itself from other puzzle and word games of its kind.

The game’s main rule is to hit the ball and put it inside the hole — just like real golf. The less moves it takes you to shoot a ball, the higher your score.

Although putting and hitting the ball doesn’t really require 100% accuracy, you’d still have to consider several angles and options before letting go of your shot.

If you ever feel the need to start over, there’s a Do Over button on the top left corner of the screen that you can tap on. This feature is surprisingly free, but it works only once per round.

Some Challenges, Some Rewards

The ball can collect coins and gems along its path, although it’s totally fine if you don’t do it at all. However, coins are useful for playing in the next world, as only one world is free.

The path may be a goldmine, but it’s not exactly challenge-free.
In some paths, the ground has a line of moving arrows pointing up or down. This indicates resistance against anything that comes in its path. If your ball moves toward this line, then the ground pushes it in the opposite direction. The trick, I’ve learned, is to position your ball’s path between or away from these arrows so you are spared of further difficulty.

Other than putting the ball in the hole, the game also offers objectives or goals. These include shooting a hole in one, collecting a specific number of coins and gems, and other random things that are not too hard to do.

The Verdict

Mini Golf Matchup is a game that grows on you, and something that is actually fun to play with friends. If you don’t mind a little competition and a wholesome, charming game to go with it, then you should give this game a try.

4.2 / 5


Relive the mini golf experience and challenge your friends with this charming new game! tweet

Kim Barloso · Mar 29, 2013

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