Feed That Dragon Review

A Medieval Styled Physics Puzzler


Dragons don’t always have to be fierce fire-blowing frightful creatures that are hunted down. They make docile and adorable pets too! At least, if you’re a king. This brings us to the question, How do you feed a dragon? Well, this cute physics based puzzle game explores that concept in a medieval setting. If you are a big on games like Cut the Rope, Feed the Dragon, with its colorful cartoon styled graphics and adorable googly-eyed dragon will instantly charm you.

Chillaxing Puzzler For Everyone

Feed the Dragon starts off in a fairytale-like setting where happily snoozing McDuff is rudely awaked by a message from the king asking him to report at once to the castle to feed his adorable pet, a dragon. Thus begins the game of feeding THAT dragon. Using a medieval apparatus and rustic equipment such as wooden logs, elastic bands, tarpaulins and such, you figure out the best way to pick up the three stars en route to feeding the dragon. The game is pretty straightforward with plenty of interesting obstacles to overcome and angles to consider. Once you’ve set up your props at the right points, you just have to tap McDuff, and watch the food fly off the platform, jump, and bounce into the dragons mouth.

Plenty Of Obstacles And Props

There are 4 worlds with plenty of levels to keep you glued to the game. The puzzles themselves are very well setup, starting with some easy ones, gradually building their way to more complex scenarios. At each level, you get a specific prop to help you catch the stars and complete the objective. Wooden boards are good to keep the food from bouncing off the screen, while elastic bands offer the right level of bounciness to catch stars set at absurd angles. The props can be easily moved around or readjusted and if you somehow fail a level, or wish to retry it, you can instantly do so without having to reload from the start. The props continue to remain at the same spot you left them in the previous game saving you the frustration of having to redo your moves all over again. To pique the game’s interest levels, you have additional elements such as black holes that suck the food in, portals that transfer food to different spots, fires that burn it up, waterfalls that drag it down and fans that push food into the air.

While its quite easy to feed the dragon most of the times, catching the stars, all three of them, is quite challenging and I guess that’s what makes this puzzler fun and enjoyable. One particularly nice thing about the game is that it offers 3 solutions for free. You don’t have to spend too much time figuring out the answers at least for three turns. Another pleasing aspect to the game is the bright cartoony graphics and colorful backgrounds that are sure to go down well with the kids.


While the game is all fun and sun, there are some drawbacks too. Constant pop-up ads and access to GetJar are irksome, though you could unlock the game to remove ads for just under a dollar. A subtle game flaw is that there’s no sure way of knowing the travelling path of the food. Dotty lines a.k.a Angry Birds style would have helped, but you are left to do a trial test or two to figure out the right angles before you can actually shoot the food, and that may be a disappointment for players who want to hit it right the first time around. Other than that, there are no major grouses with Feed that Dragon.

There’s plenty of fun, logical thinking that’s not too heavy on the brain, and light jumpy music that will definitely impress kiddies and casual gamers looking for some lighthearted refreshment. Feed that Dragon is free in the Play Store, go check it out now.

3.4 / 5


A chillaxing physics puzzler for all ages. tweet

Adeline Gear · May 31, 2013

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