AERENA - Clash of Champions HD Cover

news · 2 weeks ago

AERENA – Clash of Champions HD Arrives On The Play Store

Ready for an interesting take all around on the tactical strategy genre?

Threes Android Game (Cover)

review · 4 days ago

Threes! - Say Good-Bye to Life with Threes!

Here’s a confession: I am addicted to Threes! I play it on my daily commute, while at work, at school…

Frontline Commando 2 Cover

list · 3 weeks ago

Best of March 2014

March has come and gone and with it there are a lot of new games out for Android that deserve your attention.

Latest Reviews & News

SoldierRun Cover

news · 3 mins ago

Run to Survive! SoldierRun Out Now

In SoldierRun by iCloudZone Games you play a lone soldier trapped in a frozen zone fighting (well running) to survive.


news · 9 mins ago

Samurai Santaro Brings History and Action

Samurai Santaro is about the fictional but legendary Santaro who is a master archer who was said to be able to shoot the moon as a baby.

Mini Warriors Cover

news · 22 mins ago

Mini Battles in Mini Warriors; Loads of Action

How can you make war cute or at least seem cute? The answer is simple; make everything super tiny!

PES Manager Cover

news · 38 mins ago

Konami Announces PES Manager with a Pre-Launch Shootout Challenge

If you’re a soccer fan, and want to own the world’s best soccer players in your team, its time you participated in Konami’s PES Manager pre-launch Shootout Challenge.

    Astro Golf Cover

    news · 23 hours ago

    Astro Golf Will Have You Putting Your Greens in Outer Space

    Do you like playing mini golf on your Android? You do! Then how about putting your greens in outer space, against robots? That’s what you’ll get in Bolder Games’ Astro Golf.

    LEGO Star Wars Microfighters

    news · 24 hours ago

    Star Wars Inspired Shoot ‘em Up LEGO Star Wars Microfighters is Now on Android

    LEGO games are never short on entertainment.

    Brave Tribe Cover

    news · 1 day ago

    Defend Your Village In Brave Tribe

    If you were/are a fan of Farmville or other city building simulation games then you should really check out Brave Tribe by G5 Entertainment.

    Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Cover

    news · 2 days ago

    Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Finally Arrives

    If you’ve been waiting for the day that the Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition comes to Android devices then you should be extremely happy now as it just happened!

    Smash Bandits Racing Cover

    news · 2 days ago

    Smash Bandits Racing; Chaos At Its Best

    Smash Bandits Racing by Hutch Games takes the general racing game concept and makes it so much more chaotic, fun and intense.

    Sparkle Unleashed Cover

    news · 4 days ago

    Put Your Reflexive Skills to the Test in Marble Flinging Game Sparkle Unleashed

    The Sparkle brand of games needs no introduction. Inspired by games like Zuma, this marble matching game has been entertaining Android players for quite some time now.

    Astro Emporia Cover

    news · 4 days ago

    Its Time to Count Your Profits as Space Trading Game Astro Emporia Hits Google Play

    This is a casual turn based strategy game where you travel through space to various planets trading off resources and making profits.

    The Simpsons Tapped Out Easter Eggs Cover

    news · 4 days ago

    Happy Easter Wishes Come to You from The Simpsons, Angry Birds and Others

    ‘Tis the season for whacking up some lovely bunnies and hunting down Easter eggs!

    Clumsy Ninja Cover

    news · 4 days ago

    Wanted: Someone to Train a Stumbling Bumbling Clumsy Ninja

    The Ninjas are highly trained warriors known for their covert methods of fighting.

    Where’s My XiYangYang Cover

    news · 4 days ago

    Where’s My XiYangYang? You Know The Drill

    The story behind Where’s My XiYangYang? is that there is a one-time battle between XiYangYang and Wolfie where you have to thwart Wolfie’s traps.

    Hilomi - Cute photo quest Cover

    news · 4 days ago

    Hilomi; Do Anything To Get That Perfect Picture

    If you’re looking for a puzzle platformer game that has some interesting and unique characteristics then look no further than Yamango’s latest game, Hilomi.

    Voxel Rush Free Racing Game Cover

    news · 5 days ago

    Voxel Rush: Free Racing Game Takes You on a 3D Speed Trip Past Voxel Pillars

    If you like fast paced minimalist racing games set in abstract environments, Voxel Rush: Free Racing game is a game you’ve got to check out.

    Tilt to Live 2 Redonkulous Cover

    news · 5 days ago

    Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous; Just As Crazy As It Sounds

    You can’t really get a more crazy and insane action packed game than Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous by One Man Left.

    Archangel Martian Orbit Cover

    news · 5 days ago

    A Modern Day Point and Click Adventure; Archangel: Martian Orbit

    If you’re looking for a new point and click adventure and are tired of the kind that usually come out and get attention then let me direct your attention to Archangel: Martian Orbit.


    news · 6 days ago

    Thumb Formula Racing Makes a Pit Stop in Google Play

    If you are a fan of car racing, Formula One in particular, here’s a game that should be included in your Android game collection.

    Polymer Cover

    news · 6 days ago

    Its Colorful, its Creative, and its Polymer, the Shape Creating Game from Noodlecake Studios

    Noodlecake Studios have plenty of great games to their credit. Polymer is probably one of their standouts.

    iKOiD Bundle Cover

    news · 6 days ago

    ikoid’s Bundle #10 Brings 4 Great Indie Games for Just Under $1.50

    Got a long Easter weekend off with no big plans? Time then, to go bargain hunting for some Android games to play through the weekend.

    Kitten Challenge Cover

    news · 6 days ago

    Kitten Challenge Provides A Wild Ride

    In Kitten Challenge by nikr3n you play as Ginger Cat as he travels the world doing crazy stunts on his railroad cart!

    The Voyage Cover

    news · 6 days ago

    The Voyage; Buried Treasure!

    It’s a pirate’s life for me! And you too if you want to check out The Voyage, the new game by Toy Studio Media Corp.

    Max Steel Ultralink Invasion Cover

    news · 7 days ago

    Take the Fight to the Aliens in Mattel’s Max Steel Ultralink Invasion

    With season 2 of the popular Max Steel series landing on a TV near you, Mattel has made available all the action on your Android device as well.


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