Worms 3 and Terraria Collide in New Update

It seems that for the latest update for Worms 3 there has been a little collaboration going on with Terraria. Nothing major and mostly cosmetic but with this latest update to Worms 3 there have been six new Terraria themed hats available, five Terraria gravestones and a Terraria themed speechbank. A few other updates non-Terraria related were also added.

For those of you who may not be familiar with either Worms 3 or Terraria I’ll explain. Worms 3 is an extremely popular artillery game from Team 17. It features different modes such as deathmatch, forts and more along with tons of different weapons. Terraria is of course the 2D Minecraft-esque building game that has also swept the world.

In addition to the Terraria themed update, Worms 3 also added some Halloween themed content. This content comes in the form of eleven new Halloween themed items from new hats, glasses and facial items. Asynchronous multiplayer was also added which is a huge update. Another big change is that the price dropped to a low $0.99 on the app store. Now, for now Worms 3 is only iOS but hopefully will be coming to Android soon and for now you can download Worms 2: Armageddon and of course if Terraria was released on Android a few weeks ago.

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