Will Mobile Games Overcome Desktop Gaming?

Every player is confronted with two options once they hit an online casino; whether to download the casino software or whether to play the game online. If it is online, then it could be done over mobile devices or desktop. Most players are familiar with both options and already have a preference depending on their different gaming styles, convenience, and other factors. Advancements in technology have also seen many casinos come up with applications for use on cell phones. Today, the use of smartphones has significantly surpassed the use of personal computers since most of the third world has smartphones rather than desktops and laptops. The future of desktop gaming for online casinos might be witnessing an imminent end unless something miraculous happens that will shift the attention to desktop gaming once more.

Today, most online casinos develop their websites to be optimized for phones apart from desktops. There is also a multitude of sets that are offered with the download or no-download options for mobiles and desktops alike. One outstanding game at is 88 Fortunes slot machine for desktop and mobile.

Significant strides have been made in mobile gaming. In April 2017, Mega Moolah slot machine, while being played on a cell phone, rewarded an unsuspecting player with $8,012,153; this shows how far mobile gaming is taking root.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile casinos manifest themselves in two ways; mobile casino apps and mobile browser casinos. Both of these types have their own advantages over the other, which will be highlighted in the text below.

Advantages of Mobile Gaming

It is simple to see why phone gaming might be advantageous. First of all, it is convenient because of its mobility. Once casino software is downloaded, it remains within the storage of the phone and can be carried anywhere to be used anytime. In contrast, desktop gaming requires a stable internet connection and a humongous personal computer with a browser that contains a flash player plug-in.

Although, it might be argued that a laptop is portable and can, therefore, be carried wherever the player goes and the games equally easily accessed. Considered well, this might not be a wrong assertion. However, there are many other advantages that mobile gambling enjoys over desktop gaming which, unfortunately, the laptop also falls flat on its feet.

Secondly, mobile gambling has come a long way from the times that websites would hang or your phone would run out of RAM to load a big website. Performance of cell phones today is as good as those of desktop computers or even better. Players opening a website using their phone will hardly notice a difference with the desktop site. Besides, new markup language HTML5 that was imported to phones means that players can load their favorite casino software on their phones without the fear of lag.
Mobile gambling is relatively new. This is why online casinos attempt to promote mobile versions of their shops through offering bonuses. For instance, while welcome bonuses are universal, additional free spins could be included if the game is played via phone.

The quality of graphics and the performance of games is dependent on the internet connectivity and performance of the device itself. However, mobile applications have the edge over computers in that; performance relies on the processing power of the device rather than internet speed. Games played from an application might be said to be more stable and have better quality graphics.

Disadvantages of Mobile Gaming

Mobile casinos have a limited number of games as compared to their desktop counterparts. However, it should be noted that this disadvantage only affects the casino mobile apps. Browser versions of the games can usually be accessed equally on both desktop and mobile. It is also important to note that for the entire gaming experience at an online casino, a player has to download the entire software of the casino. This software is usually too large for phones, or spots a version that is unsupported by phones.

Since phones are often little handheld devices, it might be difficult to efficiently navigate the game controls on the smaller screens using thumbs. Desktop games, on the other hand, enjoy the comfort and simplicity of using a large keyboard and a mouse for good measure.

While portability is a big plus for mobile gambling, it also carries a significant disadvantage. Having the casino games on call might lead to gambling addiction if self-control is not exercised.

Moreover, the game time of a phone is limited by its battery capacity. Often, games with higher specifications drain battery life pretty quickly. Since games have evolved, many games require high-performance phones and will, therefore, drain the phone battery faster.

For browser games, it is important to make sure that the browser used does not have any bugs or problems because these are carried forward to gameplay as well.

The Future Is Mobile Gaming

Despite its numerous uses in communication, the smartphone has become one of the most used devices in the world. Many desktop sites have moved or are doubling in mobile sites as well. Mobile apps have also taken over the role of desktop casinos, offering the convenience of portability and stability of games with enhanced performance. With the lure of an added bonus, no deposit bonuses, and free spins, mobile gaming has been made even more attractive to prospective players. It is only a matter of time before mobile gaming surpasses desktop gaming despite the head start of about ten years that desktop devices had.

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