A Watchful Eye in the Digital Age

Our environment is continually changing. One of the critical properties of the digital age is the speed of that change. In a few decades, we moved from carrying change so we can use a payphone and arranging group activities days before, to a brave new world of digital information and instant communication – thank you smartphone! However, change brings fresh challenges. We read time and again about offensive cell phone spy software, but not so often about the defensive tactics. Like with all other tools, the maliciousness of spy software depends on its use. With new ways of communication, new liberties and commodities, and instant exposure to a vast range of content (most often an eye-candy), children and teens are more exposed; it is easier for the spouses to be led astray by false images on Instagram. Also, today’s parents don’t have it easy. They have to work more, have to process incredible amounts of data (some studies suggest that we process more data in one average day than a person living in the 18th century processed in a lifetime). They have to be in touch with modern technologies so they can protect those who they care for the most – their children. But not everything is gloom and doom; there are also new solutions for the latest threats. One thing that certainly brings a much-needed peace of mind to suspecting parents and partners is a watchful eye over the most used devices for instant communication – cell phones and tablets. One website,, offers a solution for those who worry that their child could become a victim of a pedophile, that their son or daughter is getting on with a wrong crowd at school, that somebody is seducing their spouse. But it’s not only for those who want to use cell phone spy software because they suspect that something is fishy. Their comprehensive solution will put you in front, serving as an active defense, as a guardian, alerting you when a possible problem appears, so you are aware of it from the start and can nip it at its bud before it becomes dangerous.

“Defense is superior to opulence” – Adam Smith

The first step to solving any problem is knowing it exists. Here’s how Cell Phone Spy Software can help you with that:

  • Monitoring logs – a useful feature that shows patterns in activities
  • Monitoring incoming and outgoing calls – listening to recordings
  • Checking text messages – reading text messages and viewing picture and video content
  • Monitoring popular messaging apps – Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Messenger
  • GPS tracking – location tracking and geofencing
  • Controlling the apps – view a list of running apps and manage them

Mentioned Monitoring logs is a quite useful feature, rarely offered by other cell phone spy software solutions. It can show you an unexpected increase in calls and sending photos (i.e., when a partner is at work), or a pattern in messaging and calls (i.e., past a child’s bedtime). Although such indicators are not proof of wrongdoing in itself, changes of patterns can be a good cause for suspicion.

Another thing that you will certainly like are notifications about specific keywords in text messages. You don’t have to monitor everything all the time. When keywords such as weed, condom, hotel, naked, sex (or any other that you deem essential) are registered, you will be notified immediately.

Cell Phone Spy Software works on Android and Apple devices (on the latter, it can be installed remotely by Apple-ID and password). It does not require jailbreaking/rooting the device, offers limited tracking just by IMEI, it has a convenient and user-friendly dashboard accessible from any location. Benefits also include live 24/7 support and competitive pricing plans (you can check them here – there is even a price comparison with other similar solutions).

Have one less worry on your mind with help from Cell Phone Spy Software.

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