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Midgar Studio’s The Secret Of Space Octopuses is a refreshing horizontal scrolling adventure that combines a bit of exploring, puzzle and combat elements. It follows the story of an earthling called Little Buddy, who has been abducted to an alien world from which he must now escape. Luckily, his robot building skills come to his aid, and he quickly builds his helper from the trash he has collected during his exploration. That’s not all. He must uncover the secrets of his abductors, the Space Octopuses to finally achieve what he set out to do.

The game offers eight labyrinth-type levels that Buddy must explore to collect materials that will be required to build boxes. Different materials produce different types of boxes that will help him traverse the environment and defeat enemies. For instance some boxes will help him bounce, others defy gravity and still others explode. Players are free to experiment with different types of boxes to overcome the challenges presented at every turn.

The interesting feature of The Secret Of Space Octopuses is that it has two different endings depending on how you unravel the secrets. The game offers innovative and interactive gameplay in that the characters respond to the environment quite logically. That means if you are highly skilled and are able to deal with the octopuses better, you’ll find the characters rising to the occasion and attacking you at a faster rate. If you weaken and slow down your combat, the octopuses will go easy on you. Either way, the dynamic nature of the game makes things quite unpredictable and exciting.

You can download this tentacled game from the Play Store for $2.54.

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