Want To Hack Into a Bank? Try Polarity

Who knew that hacking is this easy and fun? The guys over at Bluebutton Games certainly do. Their latest game Polarity is a first person experience where you are hacking into a virtual bank. Now this is not television hacking with furious keyboard typing or real hacking which is just as boring, but sci fi hacking where you physically put yourself into the defense system and have to traverse a multitude of puzzles and obstacles. Fun right?

In Polarity you are thrown head first into a world reminiscent of Tron with all the neon colors and bright lights. In fact graphics for all this are fairly good and are said to be HD. Each level is a puzzle that you must complete to basically hack the system and steal information for your clients. Levels can get quite complicated and massive full of deadly objects you’ll have to contend with. Polarity, however, isn’t just a simple puzzle game where you complete level after level. There is an intriguing storyline to go along with it all and keep you interested. If Polarity seems like a game you’d enjoy you can get it for $4.78 on Google Play today.

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