TowerMadness Mania Grips the Play Store

The tower defense strategy game that’s been delighting iOS fans ever since it was launched in 2009 has finally arrived on Android. Limbic’s TowerMadness has already the top 10 new paid games on the Play Store within just 5 days of launch, a sure sign of how quickly the game is gaining popularity among Android gamers.

The gameplay in TowerMadness revolves around protecting sheep from being kidnapped by aliens. You must defend your base and your sheep as UFO’s drop over 17 different types of aliens onto the maps who then attack in waves.  You need to build towers and make use of the 60 different types of weapons to ensure that your sheep are not taken away.

TowerMadness (1) TowerMadness (2) TowerMadness (3)

The 3D environments should certainly bring the action closer to home as you can not only play from a top-down point of view, but also zoom in to enjoy a first person view. TowerMadness brings endless hours of fun with over 100 maps to play through, 35 of which are available as expansion packs. You can play and learn as you go because the game lets you download and watch replays of the strategies employed by those who have topped the online leaderboards.

Tower Defense games are plentiful in the market, but TowerMadness appears to hold its own with well designed maps and addictive gameplay.

Grab this fun game from the Play Store for $2.99.

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