Top 5 Best Android Games of 2017

Gaming enthusiasts who own an Android smartphone and keep looking for the best RTS title out there, tend to have the games downloaded from the Play Store, choosing those that are extremely popular, and engaging. Others are only interested in the newest and the best FPS releases. The year 2017 brought both categories some of the most impressive titles up to date:

5.Square Enix Games

Square Enix offers many alternatives to both RPG fans and best RTS seekers. You can play Final Fantasy 1-7 and 9, Dragon Ques, Chrono Trigger or Chaos Ring. But there are other alternatives such as Hitman: Sniper, Tomb Raider, Deux Ex Go or Lara Croft. All of best RTS games are well-represented graphically and almost all, immediately attract the attention of any gaming enthusiast. The tactical fight, the psychic and the physical battle will meet somewhere in the middle, and players will have to control everything. Square Enix has two developer pages on Google Play, so that each one can choose what kind of experiences you’ll choose.

4.The Room Series

Unlike free pokies games, the latest game in The Room series is a big shot, and for those who have never played this type of game before, The Room is an impressive puzzle game that adds a series of unique objects to a room players need to sit down and discover the many hidden secrets. The more they progress from one room to another, the closer they will get to solving the puzzle. It’s the best game to try if you like solving mysteries.

3. Rockstar Games

The best RTS games prepared and promoted by Rockstar do not need any further introduction. Some of the company’s console games are also present on Google Play, where gaming enthusiasts can try out different experiences of different popular characters from the world of PCs or consoles. Classic games such as Grand Theft Auto, Vice City or San Andrea, as well as Max Payne Mobile or GTA: Liberty City Stories or Chinatown Wars have made sense in recent years on Android and will continue to rule over the best RTS ones this year as well.

2. Card Thief

Many mobile gaming aficionados were expecting just another average card game, yet much like the best RTS releases or the best tower defense games out there, Card Thief brought something completely new to the table. The players have one single card, the Thief, which needs to pass over 11 other cards which are the enemy Guards. This is a game of skills, logic and sharp thinking that will get anyone hooked right from the start.

1. Neon Chrome

Most mobile gaming aficionados have been completely taken by surprise by this action-packed dual-stick shooter, that outshined even the best RTS releases. Players can enjoy 20 amazing levels that never cease to surprise and will have players hooked for good once they will have unlocked the first set of abilities. The graphics are on measure and much like the best RTS titles out there, Neon Chrome is here to stay.

As the Play Store is expanding more and more each day, keeping up with the latest releases becomes harder, yet the best RTS, best FPS and best tower defense games will always surface first. They usually generate a lot of fuss and commotion among players right from the start, the moment a great new game is released, all other Android users are likely to find out about it right away.

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