Time For A New Pair of Pants; Slender Man Origins

In recent times the Slender Man mythos has made a huge occurrence in popular culture especially with the simple PC horror game Slender. But, do you know the whole backstory of Slender Man? Whether you do or don’t, Slender Man Origins by is here to let you play out and experience the backstory…and get scared half to death while you do it.

This means that you’ll follow the Slender Man’s trail and watch him commit his horrific deeds and maybe even save some children from their inevitable death. There are four locales in Slender Man Origins featuring dark corridors, damp halls, dense forests and empty streets. Of course where the scary feel comes into play are in the little atmospheric features. Different weather conditions obscuring your vision make all the supernatural occurrences feel even more real. Graphics are smooth and really make the scary parts jump out at you. Already Slender Man Origins has received a lot of positive press praising it and confirming you will be scared and really what else do you want in a Slender Man game, so check out Slender Man Origins today!

User Reviews

Great Atmosphere

Very good game. It reminds me of Amnesia i played on PC. Solid 3D graphics and nice atmosphere. I enjoyed playing it.

Posted by JennyZ 7 years ago

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