The Oceans’ Depths Are Scary, So Try BioGloom

Similar to games like Osmos and Flow, BioGloom is a game made by student team Rich Tomato from SAE Creative Media Institute in Brisbane, Australia and really aims to impress. While it can be classified as a “simple” survival 2-D adventure game it is certainly a fun one at that.

The story of BioGloom is you play as an angler fish called Lumen who is trying to survive the depths of the oceans. As we all know (or don’t know), the ocean depths are full of weird monsters and other dangerous things. BioGloom takes advantage of the ocean depths’ darkness and the angler fish idea and creates an interesting dark world in which you’ll need to use your lantern to guide yourself. You also use this light in the real biological aspect and lure smaller fish into your jaws for sustenance.  There are four different environments to explore with eight levels in total. BioGloom also has the typical Indie 8-bit retro style that I personally love. Overall BioGloom is Indie made and certainly an interesting concept to check out.

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Nice old-school retro adventure. Reminds me of old games i played on first consoles.

Posted by Commodoroid 7 years ago

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