The Final Tale Of The Gods; RPG Record of Agarest War Out Now

Android and mobile gaming in general is starting to be regarded more and more seriously. Some developers are really pushing towards more hardcore video game experiences and less casual Angry Birds filler. HyperDevbox Studio is one of these developers and with their latest game, RPG Record of Agarest War, this is only been more confirmed. Everything from the graphics, story, characters, sound, etc. is amazing that you can play it on a mobile device.

The story behind RPG Record of Agarest War is a rather interesting one. It was the age of the end of the gods. This is in the world of Agarest which is made up of five continents, each with a towering pillar to the heavens. RPG Record of Agarest War starts with a man named Lucrellia who sacrifices himself to save a girl and in doing so makes a contract.

RPG Record of Agarest War plays as a turn based strategy game with both melee and ranged units. All in all there are over 400 enemies and characters you’ll interact with with over 400 different spells and battle skills. You can capture monsters to join your party and there is an enhanced battle system with combos, breaks and overkills. The story spans 5 generations and in total RPG Record of Agarest War has over 100 hours of gameplay. Graphics are full 720p HD and boy can you tell. All in all, RPG Record of Agarest War is one heck of a game packed in a 1.8 GB package and it can be yours for $8.66.

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