Temple Run Meets Thor; Hammer Quest

Imagine a 3D endless runner such as Temple Run and then give that game more action! Specifically a hammer like Thor would wield. This is the basic chemistry formula for Albin Falk’s latest game, Hammer Quest. In Hammer Quest you are basically on an endless quest to smash things and collect loot…all without dying of course. So pretty much like every other endless runner.

Hammer Quest features mobile based swipe controls from the typical things like jumping and sliding to controlling your hammer to smash things to smithereens. There are six environments to explore and run though. Each of these landscapes is scattered about with barrels and crates just ripe for the smashing. Of course, smashing these crates gains you coins which you can use in upgrades. Yep! You can upgrade your hammer, armor and other abilities. While Hammer Quest essentially is just another endless runner it does look good and well…I always get addicted to the genre anyways. Check it out now!

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