Square Enix Teases With 1st Video of Final Fantasy 6

Lately Square Enix has been on a role porting all the early classic Final Fantasy games to Android. We’ve seen Final Fantasy II, III, IV, V and more. Now, they have teased us all with a brief trailer of the upcoming release of Final Fantasy 6 on iOS and Android.

The video posted is truly a tease as not much is shown. A few quick glimpses of gameplay are shown but surrounded by huge still artwork and in total the video is only a little over one minute long. Although, I guess you know what you’ll eventually get with Final Fantasy 6, it is just a matter of when. Of that, it is said to be hitting in Japan this winter but no release date for the West is known. We’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled here on AndroidShock and let you all know the official release date as soon as we know.

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