Are we Spending too Much Time on our Smartphones?

I guess the right answer to that question would be, depends?

Ever since Steve Jobs and Apple launched the very first-generation iPhone few of us knew how very much they would change the face of society and how much we would come to rely on our portable computers.

As software advanced in leaps and bounds and as the available Wi-Fi connections became more reliable so the hardware evolved alongside. Today we have mobile devices that are strong enough to power a satellite as well as keep us up to date with our social media sites and bank balances.

In fact, we have become so reliant on our mobiles to browse, buy goods and services monitor a hundred and one different things as well as source our entertainment whether that is playing at online casinos or watching YouTube to lose our phone is tantamount to a minor disaster.

I love playing online poker and other casino games on my mobile device. I’m very careful that I don’t use real-money to gamble online. I always use casino sites that offer games in demo mode. You can find a list of UK sites here, they all offer the latest slot and casino games in free-play.

For some people however, the need to be constantly checking on their mobiles for the latest update on their social media sites can become overwhelming to such a degree that they actually end up ignoring the person sitting opposite them.

Just take a look when you next go out to eat and see how many people come into the restaurant take off their coats and place their mobile phones by the side of them on the table. It’s almost as if their phone cannot be more than so many inches away from their eyes or hands.

The trend of ignoring someone in favour of a mobile phone is called ‘phubbing’ or ‘phone snubbing’ and is now ranked and rated as one of the most important reasons for a relationship breaking down.

To think that phubbing is up there with money and child issues creating a bad environment to such an extent that two people will break up because of over use of a phone is pretty damming but just like any other addiction, phone snubbing has caused people to feel unloved, uncared for and worthless.

Mobile phone addiction is just like any other addiction such as smoking, drinking or drugs and recognising the symptoms before they take hold can not only save you from having to deal with a greater addiction later on but might, quite possibly, save a relationship that you care about.

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