Smile! Happy Dinos is Out!

What if Jurassic Park was real…but had friendly, non-killer dinosaurs? Chillingo tries to make that a reality with their happy go lucky game, Happy Dinos, out for free today! Just like in Jurassic Park you have your own private island and the goal is to create a happy habitat for all the native dinosaurs. Along the way you can play minigames and breed your dinos to create crazy hybrid ones which you can even trade with friends over Facebook.

On your island you’ll soon find that there are literally thousands of different dinosaur breeds you can train and trade…and none of these will try and eat your children. In addition to just the huge host of dinosaurs you have access to in Happy Dinos, part of the fun is in actually taming and training them. This is where the four minigames come into play such as Rocket Ride, Twin Finger, Fling Dinosaur and Dino Hurdle. You’ll need to master these minigames to tame and train the biggest dinosaur.

Also a large part of Happy Dinos is in making your island the best it can be. So there are tons of customizable options you can implore which keep your dinos happy and compliant. Happy Dinos is very colorful and vibrant and seems to be a great game for kids and older ones alike with all it has to offer.

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