Skylanders Cloud Patrol Finally Makes It on Android

Activision Publishing Inc. has certainly taken its time bringing its highly popular Skylanders toy franchise and shooter game to Android, but for kids and parents who have loved and adored the toys and characters, here’s another reason to be elated. Skylanders Cloud Patrol can be played as a unique standalone arcade game, but if you’ve got your Skylander collection in your cupboard, you can use your web code cards to unlock any of the 30+ figures in-game.

For players not familiar with the game, this is a simple shoot’em or slice’em up game where you can tap to shoot down trolls who have escaped from prison and are running riot. You take on the role of the Skylanders Cloud Patrol to hunt down and eliminate the nasty creatures. The game’s challenges come by way of movable targets, who not only duck under cover but also shoot back in defense. The game also throws in movable mines that have a nasty habit of coming right in front of the trolls when you’re ready to shoot at them.

As with all endless shooters, there are plenty of power ups, opportunities to win combo points, collect loot, earn coins and gems, and compete against friends for high scores.

Here’s  a look at some of the top features of Skylanders Cloud Patrol.

Key Features: Skylanders Cloud Patrol

  • Tap to shoot or slice across targets for amazing combos
  • Score the highest combo per area to earn more points and loot
  • Complete goals to level up and earn gems to unlock more Skylanders
  • Use magic items to boost your powers
  • Compete with friends to climb the leaderboards
  • Use your Skylander toys’ web code card to unlock new characters

Skylanders Cloud Patrol is currently available in the Play Store for $1.99, but is said to have a money guzzling IAP system, so if you’re handing over your Android device to the little one, ensure that your Play Store access is restricted.

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