Skills To Make You A Better Gamer

Skills To Make You A Better Gamer

It seems these days that everybody is streaming their gameplay out to the world. If you find an audience that likes your style of play and your personality you may even make some money out of it. Your dream of course will be to enter professional gaming and enter the world of ESports.

The world of ESports is a cutthroat place though where you start young and are outmatched quickly. To gain an edge in this world, you’ll need to improve some skills that will make you good enough to take on the best of the best.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Whether you like to try more with free casino, or getting that all important headshot in an FPS you need good hand-eye coordination. This means that your senses will need to be primed and you’ll need those reflexes to quickly move your controller (or keyboard and mouse) to that correct position, and fast.
It may be a MOBA like League of Legends or even a shooter like Overwatch, but your reactions can be everything. Keep yourself sharp and get that true shot to make yourself the best gamer on the virtual field.

Skill vs Instinct

Skill is built up from practice, but all the practice in the world can’t beat that instinct that you’ll also build up. Instinct gives you that feeling of knowing when to pull the trigger to get that headshot, or where to place your troops in a strategy game where all choices are important. Knowing to trust those instincts is a skill that you will build up, and this all comes from the power built up by practicing.

Keeping Fresh and Sharp

If you want ESports you’ll notice that there are always advertisements for energy drinks, and ways to keep energy up. This is because of the need to stay sharp. This isn’t something only ESports players need, but also poker players too as it gives them an edge. The most important thing though, is to keep yourself healthy and well rested. Don’t rely on energy drinks to give you that edge and make you sharp. These drinks are only a temporary boost that can’t last forever.

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