Ski Challenge 14 Brings Winter To You

Winter brings some nice things; Christmas, time with the family and skiing. However, not everyone lives near the mountains or a ski resort to experience the thrill. This is where Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions decided to bring the fun of skiing to you with their new game Ski Challenge 14. Greentube has made a lot of skiing games of various styles but Ski Challenge 14 is their newest one that focuses more on the downhill racing aspect in a realistic setting.

There are seven different slopes/tracks at your disposal in Ski Challenge 14 from locales such as Wengen, Kitzbühel, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Sochi. There are also some bonus tracks you can unlock. Of course the mainstay for Ski Challenge 14 is the racing and the realism. Racing wise there are online leaderboards and competitions so you can measure where you stack up. All of this is presented in 3D graphics with weather changes, real physics and lots of customization. If you just want to ski without worrying about beating anyone, Ski Challenge 14 offers a nice freeride mode so you can go as fast as you can! Ski Challenge 14 is out now for free on Google Play so get it while it’s cold!

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