Sequel of Popular Dungeon Crawler, Deprofundis: Requiem, In the Works

If you love dungeon crawler games then you probably know of the pouplar Deprofundis mobile game from Thecle. Well now that popular game is becoming Deprofundis 2.0 with the title Deprofundis: Requiem. Some of the new additions in this 2.0 sequel are of course HD graphics, better animations, a new village, new GUI, a survival arena, and a whole lot more planned.

Again not much is known so far about Deprofundis: Requiem but a few details have come out. Firstly, though, due to the enhanced HD graphics you will want a newer device to play Requiem on. Also, and this is good news for you die hard Deprofundis fans, if you’ve already have the first game then your premium package’s perks and characters will carry over to Deprofundis: Requiem as Thecle doesn’t want people to pay for it twice. This kind of makes it as just an expansion pack for those who already play but also a new opportunity for new players.

There are also three chapters planned with a potential hardmode for Deprofundis: Requiem giving a real fleshed out feel to the game. As of yet there is no word on a formal release although Deprofundis: Requiem is heading to beta in a month or two. Of course we here at AndroidShock will keep you updated on the latest Deprofundis: Requiem news as we come by it.

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