Riptide GP2 Makes Big Splashes

Hitting Google Play today to release on Android is Vector Unit‘s newest water racing game, Riptide GP2. This hydro jet intense water racing game features vast improvements in the series including upgradable vehicles, a stunt system, improved graphics and multiplayer online!

The biggest addition in my mind is the four player online multiplayer matches where you can face off against your friends or people from all over the world. It just seems so epic to load up Riptide GP2 and its gorgeous console rivaling graphics and play these intense battles and races online.

Another huge feature is the inclusion of a full single player career mode. In this career mode you play through various modes such as normal races, hot laps, elimination and freestyle to rack up experience points and in game currency to upgrade your hydro jet and unlock new stunts and maps.

If you want a game that looks pretty then look no further than Riptide GP2. When the original Riptide GP2 came out it was lauded as console rivaling and since then the developers have just improved it greatly. In fact Riptide GP2 is using the latest cutting edge technology including the all-new Vector Engine 4 which allows for stunning HD quality graphics. Riptide GP2 is also optimized for Tegra 4 allowing for higher resolution textures, complex shaders and dynamic lighting.

Really Riptide GP2 looks amazing from videos and screenshots and now that it is out I can just imagine it leaving other related racing games in its’ wake.

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