Ready For a Wild Time? TowerMadness 2 Out!

If you were a fan of the beloved tower defense game by Limbic then get ready to rejoice as Towermadness 2 is out now! Yep, the aliens are back and their evil mission this time is to turn your sheep into sweaters for their alien overlords. From there it is your normal tower defense game as you place turrets and other offensive devices to protect your flock!

For the $4.99 price tag of Towermadness 2 you expect some goodies and luckily you get quite a few. Specifically there are forty different levels spanning four different campaigns which cover different environments and offer specific challenges. All the offensive weapons at your disposal have been revamped from the original and more have been added like a stun gun, shrink tower and more. Enemy wise there are 16 evil baddies to try and take you down but luckily there are some new good characters as well. These include Bo the ram, a new and powerful defender, and Xen the alien shopkeeper who is suspiciously on your side. Overall, Towermadness 2 looks like a great and well thought out tower defense game.

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TM2 Rocks

I enjoyed playing TM and the sequel is even more fun! Great graphics, fun gameplay and nice balance. IAP is not aggressive at all. Top game!

Posted by DeffendeR 7 years ago

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