Ravegan’s Latest Puzzler Lets You Take on Some Red and Blue Devils

Devils is a fun puzzle game from Argentina based game development studio Ravegan that places the fate of blue and red devils in your hands. Yep. YOURS.

The Red devils have a weak point. They hate the cold. And the Blue Devils: you guessed it; they hate the heat. In this game, you’ll find the devils perched over pipes and you must press the hot and cold buttons on the screen to transfer the heat or cold through the pipes to kill the evil creatures.

Once the devils are knocked off you will be able to collect a gold coin. The challenge in the game is to knock off the devils in as little time as possible and earn trophies. You even have a replay option to better your own scores.

There’s a bit of humor in Devils as the creatures get so mad when you make them suffer that they insult you a lot. Luckily you don’t understand their gibberish and you earn an extra credit every time the Insult meter at the bottom of the screen fills up. Credits earned can be used for plenty of stuff including fixing broken pipes.

Each level in the game introduces new elements to the puzzles and even lets you do big boss battles to keep things challenging.

Devils’ cool jazzy music amply complements the easy going casual nature of the game, so if you want to pick on some colorful devils, this free game is what you’ll want to check out.


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