Racing at the Tip of Your Fingers; Groove Racer

We see a lot of racing games come out for mobile devices but for the most part they focus on realism. Big, fancy cars driving super fast with realistic lighting and physics. Honestly it seems the racing game genre nowadays is growing stagnant with the same game being recycled over and over gain. Groove Racer by Outfit7 aims to change that as it brings racing back to more of an arcade feel.

The main interesting aspect to Groove Racer is how you control your car in the races. There is no tilt steering with you in first person point of view. But rather you are presented a top down shot of the track with your race car and you use your finger to guide your car in the races! Groove Racer still has great graphics and soundtrack, it just has a radically new racing control scheme. There are 16 cars you can choose from and you can race in over 66 beautiful tracks. There are also leaderboards if you’re into more of a multiplayer feel and there are a lot more tracks on their way. So if you’re tired of the same old racing game over and over again, check out Groove Racer.

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Great arcade mini-racer

Great, colorful racer with addictive arcade-style gameplay!

Posted by Senna 6 years ago

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