Prepare For New Android Gaming Environment

Our friends at Android Police just got their hands on something that can be very interesting. Apparently, Google is very serious and very close to creating an Android gaming environment that will (probably) be similar to Microsoft Xbox Live service. On purpose or not, Google Glass team sent full suite of Google Play services with Google Glass companion application MyGlass.

In simple terms, this means that apk teardown revealed new Google gaming environment with support for real-time and turn-based multiplayer, in-game chat, lobby style, invites, achievements and, off course, leaderboards! Unfortunately, nobody has any clue how the new interface will look like. Android game developers should also rejoice because their work should be much easier in the future.

This means that Google plans to bring Android gaming to whole different level. This is also interesting because it can be considered as a sign that Android gaming has evolved into something much more serious than simple click-to-download concept and that Android gamers will soon be called a community (in your face Apple fans).

If you would like more detailed (and technical) approach to the subject, check out the Android Police article.

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