The New Age of the Android Tablet

The New Age of the Android Tablet

This year’s E3 has passed and we’ve seen all the new technology coming to consoles and the PC. It seems that the new thing is that everything has to be more powerful, and of course virtual reality will rule the world. What we can’t ignore though is the rise of mobile gaming, especially when it comes to tablets.

Heading into the second half of 2016 a lot of technology has been revealed that will shape the releases to come. We’ve got a good idea at what Android tablets are being released, and more importantly what they are capable of. With devices like the Google Pixel C catching the eye of tablet obsessives, it looks like this year could be a very good gear for anybody interested in tablet gaming.

When it comes to gaming on tablets, size does matter. Whether it is playing a game of Candy Crush Saga, or relaxing with a good game of roulette at Spin Palace, a good sizable tablet with plenty of power behind it only helps but to better the experience of the player. If you have the money to spend, there are some nice tablets available right now.

The above mentioned Pixel C tablet is an interesting choice, as is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Microsoft has shocked many with this tablet, with it fast rising as one of the top premium tablets available on the market. Don’t rule out the Nexus 7 as a cheaper choice, but it is a case of the more money you spend, the better the performance you’ll get.

When looking at the tablets, especially the Pixel C, and Surface 4 one thing that stands out most of all is the 10.2-inch screen. The bigger the screen, there is of course the need for more power, which is helped with the multi-core processers that modern tablets use. Even with all of this required power though, this doesn’t come at the cost of battery life.

While you would expect the battery life to come under fire by all of this power requirements, one of the major achievements with modern tablets is the power saving and energy usage limits that are in place. This means that the batteries (which are also improving) are able to last longer, so the user can concentrate on the important thing, which is having fun.

It will be interesting to see what the next trend in tablets will be, as size requirements tend to change on the whim of the designers. We sometimes see the screen size lessen in the name of style, but hopefully the focus on size will be more on a sizable screen with the tablets being likened to laptops and ultrabooks rather than smaller devices.

Whichever way the tablet goes; it is fast becoming a popular means to play games. The ease of use, the mobility of the device, and the new found power capabilities are making them very attractive devices to the casual gamer and that is what makes the future of the tablet very bright indeed.

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