New 2018 Games at Google Play

New Google Play games offer hours of entertaining relaxation that Android device users can enjoy on their mobile tablets and phones. The games include free online slots, fantasy games, RPG (Role Playing) games, educational games, Google Maps and Earth Games. Flight, search games, Pac-Man, games by Atari and Zerg Rush, sports games, combat games, action games, puzzle games, stealth shooter games, first person shooter games, simulation games, adventure games, real-time strategy games and multiplayer games.

One of the big advantages of playing Google Play games is that you can choose from a wide list of game options, including those that are developed by well-known game designers and those developed by amateurs. And once you start playing, you might want to take a crack at creating your own game.

It’s easy to upload new games to Google Play. All you need to do is to login to a Google Play account and click “+” to add a new application. Once the default language has been set you can enter your app Title and click Upload APK. When your finish uploading your APK to production you’ll be able to invite others to play your game on Google Play.

Google Play

You might remember Google Play as “Android Market,” as it was known until 2015 when it became “Google Play.”.The platform was launched as a Google-enabled digital distribution service, in the same way that Apple Store distributes apps that are tailored to the iOS operating system.

Users can browse and download applications that have been developed with Android software to the Google Play platform. These include magazines, books, music, television programs, games and movies. Some apps are available at a charge while others are accessible for free. The Play Store mobile app allows users to download the desired product directly to their Android device. Some apps require that the user’s device have pre-installed hardware components (i.e. a motion sensor for motion-dependent games).

Presently there are over 32 billion apps on Google Play including apps for Google Play Games, Google Play Books, Google Play Movies and TV, Google Play Newsstand and Google Play Music.

Accessing Google Play Games

If you want to play any of the Google games or download the books, music, movies or other apps, open your Android device’s Settings app and tap the “Data usage: Cellular Data usage button. Then select “Google Play Store.” Tap “Background data: Unrestricted data usage” to access all of the Google Play products.

You can also install the Google Play Store through the file manager. Open your file browser on your Android device and navigate to the file into which you previously downloaded the Google Play Store APK. Click on that “APK and click “Install” after you read over any permission changes.

To open the games, click “Games” app and then “Profile.” You can create a special gamer ID by tapping the “Gamer ID” button or you can play through your regular Google ID.

Google Play Games

Google Play games app offers you the chance to compete against yourself or against other players, to track your achievements on the app’s leaderboard and to pick up and continue playing a game at any time, even on a different device. Your gamer profile gives you the opportunity to display your achievements and your skills. You can even record your gameplay and share it on your YouTube channel.

Games get more fun with the Google Play Games app. Browse and compete with friends, track your achievements, and pick up where you left off, on any device. As you master more games, show off your skills in your gamer profile. Record your gameplay and share it to YouTube. Play the world, anywhere in the world, all from one place. The app includes a carousel that makes it easy to browse and play your preferred games.

Google Play 2018 New Releases

Some of the top 2018 game releases on Google Play include the following:

World of Warship Blitz

World of Warship Blitz currently enjoys a 4.5 rating from almost 40,000 players. The simulation game was developed by Wargaming. It brings WWII naval strategy to life in which you manage the movements from Cruisers, Battleships, Destroyers and Aircraft carriers.

The game is a free download and is available for mobile and tablet users. The epic 7 vs. 7 warship battles of WWII are reenacted in this action-filled gaming adventure.

Rusty Lake Paradise

Rusty Lake Paradise is the third of the Rusty Lake point-and-click games. It’s easy to play and hard to put down. The game’s theme centers around the 10 Plagues of Egypt. The storyline follows Jakob, the oldest son of the Eilander family, who returns to Paradise island after his mother has died. The island seems to be cursed by the ten plagues that were unleashed with Jakob’s mother’s passing. The player’s task involves partaking in strange family rituals to discover the mother’s hidden memories in order to stop the plagues.

Key features of this game are its unique storyline and an interactive puzzle experience. Each of the plagues brings with it its own unique suspense and challenges. As the gamer unlocks the secrets of each plague he moves on to the next level where the next plague awaits.

Color by Number: Coloring Book Pixel Art

The free Color by Number: Coloring Book Pixel Art is a coloring book activity that you can enjoy with the whole family. Adult coloring is an addictive hobby that many wanna-be artists enjoy – it allows them the pleasure of creating a piece of art without worrying about their artistic abilities (or lack of ability).

Participants can select their image from any of dozens of options. They then follow the numbers to create their personal masterpiece. Once the image has been completed the individual can share it with friends on Facebook messanger, Twittter or Instagram.

It’s easy to transform any image from any mobile device into a pixelated version and then color it by numbers right on the app.

Guide Subway Dash

Guide Subway Dash is a light-hearted running game in which the player helps the game’s character escape law enforcement and catch the subway before the doors close. This is one of the simpler new 2018 games with only left, right, up or downward strokes needed to get the character to his destination without bumping into obstacles or being caught by the police and their dogs. The character can change direction in mid-air or release the skateboard with a double-click on the screen. Props such as spring shoes aid the dash.

Regardless of whether you’re a veteran or an amateur player you’ll enjoy Google Play’s newest 2018 games with quick downloads and user-friendly, intuitive controls.

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