Monster Loves You Brings Fairy Tale Decision Making to Android

Radial Games’ latest collaboration with Dejobaan brings monsters and morality to the fore in the form of an interactive story called Monster Loves You. This choose your own adventure type game is a visually appealing one where you play a monster who needs to make choices that will not only define your personality but also the future of all monsterkind.

The game does not have one ending but fourteen and all of that depends on the choices you make as a growing monster. For instance, you will be rewarded with kindness points if you help Hansel and Gretel find their way back home, but you could also choose to eat them up, in which case you earn Ferocity points. Similarly, if you stand up to the big bad wolf, you score a point for bravery, but if you think you can trick him, you get a point for cleverness. Monster Loves You throws over 900 choices your way and lets you encounter different adventures each time you play. That means you could complete the game with a different ending almost every other time.

Sounds interesting? Well, you now have two choices before you. To buy or not to buy. If you do decide to go ahead, be ready to cough up $2.88 and enjoy a fairy tale adventure.

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