Minimalist Speed Runner Impossible Road Rolls into Google Play Store


Games that involve bright cartoony graphics, pretty characters, powerful storylines and all sorts of missions and achievements have a tendency to grab your attention and keep you spellbound for a long time. Then there are games with simple graphics, no game characters, zero storyline and basic missions that often have a short shelf life and are soon forgotten in the melee of new game releases. Impossible Road does belong to the latter category, but its a game that’s going to remain in your hearts and minds for a long long time.

You are in charge of rolling a white ball, also called “The Vessel” along a blue road that is pitted with the most fiendishly impossible twists and turns. Driving your white ball along that impossible road feels like a freakish ride on an out-of-control rollercoaster, and tapping on the left or right of the screen, the only way to keep hanging on for dear life, just doesn’t give you enough control to feel like a successful gamer.

Your only aim in the game is to beat your previous score, and then some more, and if you don’t throw away your phone in frustration at the impossibility of it all, you could aim to beat the crazy leaderboards.

Developer Kevin Ng could possibly be the most brilliant guy you’ll ever meet in some time. He has managed to create a game with as few colors as possible, has kept gameplay to a minimum level as one can ( there are no options, no extra modes, no menus, no achievements), and yet he has managed to create a game that can leave you senselessly addicted.

Impossible Road could just be your Flappy Bird fix, if you know what I mean. Its available on Google Play for $1.99.

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