Mini Golf MatchUp Goes Festive With Mini Golf MatchUp Seasons

Just like how the original Angry Birds branched off into Angry Birds Season for an extra set of levels and challenges, Scopely is doing the same with their mini golf series, Mini Golf MatchUp. This standalone edition is called Mini Golf MatchUp Seasons and features the same mini golf antics we know and love but in new scenarios and with a Christmas theme.

Right now, Mini Golf MatchUp Seasons is actually the same game as before but with the more festive graphical theme to it all but coming next week is a whole new holiday course. This new course is said to have an ice rink challenge and snowmen. But right now you can play the original 7 courses (over 70 holes) with snow falling down and such. There is also the same three putters you can use with upgrades for each to better suit your golfing style. If you love playing mini golf and want a great mini golf Android game, Mini Golf MatchUp is a go to. Now with Mini Golf MatchUp Seasons up and running you’ll soon get more content hopefully more frequently. Check Mini Golf MatchUp Seasons out now for free on Google Play.

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