Mech Conquest Allows You To Build Your Ultimate Army

There is an intergalactic war going on and if you choose to do so you can join in the battle! By this I mean you can download Mech Conquest by HourBlast Games and join in on online battles on an epic scale. All the battles involve mechs and have an addictive strategy component. Even better is the fact you can build and customize your own mech to go into battle with as well as hiring the best pilots to build an army of mechs to wage war with.

Part of the fun in Mech Conquest is building your mechs, sending them into battle and watching the end result…all from the comfort of your bed! To build mechs you need to find and collect parts. Of which there are thousands of combinations you can make using legs, various forms of chassis and arms. Hiring pilots to drive your mechs also have a benefit as they have special skills they can bring into battle. Of course there are also tons of achievements and special items to unlock and find in Mech Conquest to keep you busy. With this army of yours you can battle computer and real players from around the globe. So check out Mech Conquest if you like big battles with big suits.

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