Massive Space Multiplayer Game Announced With Galaxy on Fire: Alliances

Fishlab’s Galaxy on Fire video game universe is about to get another addition with a mobile multiplayer online game called Galaxy on Fire: Alliances. This new game is going to be predominantly player vs. player but is also supposed to be “friendly to players who aren’t keen on fighting.”. If you don’t know much about the Galaxy on Fire games and therefore not sure what Galaxy on Fire: Alliances is going to be about, in a nutshell it is a space based MMO game where you build your fleet, battle other characters/players, take over planets, etc.

In fact, in Galaxy on Fire: Alliances, there are over 200,000 planets for you to explore and colonize where you can colonize different territories on them and harvest their resources to build up your fleet. While the gameplay seems to be mostly PvP gameplay there are missions you can complete that don’t require it which players who don’t like PvP will enjoy. Interestingly enough Fishlab has set up a system where different roles and styles of gameplay can coexist. For instance they say in Galaxy on Fire: Alliances you can either be involved in the PvP battles or you can avoid them all together and become a supplier to gain resources or just sit back on your planet harvesting its resources. PvP is a main point but not the only focus.

MMOs are slowly becoming the next big thing to hit mobile devices so it will be interesting to see how the first few games to delve into that territory, such as Galaxy on Fire: Alliances will come out. So far Galaxy on Fire: Alliances is scheduled to hit iOS in November with an Android release soon after.

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