Magic The Gathering 2014: Duels Of The Planeswalkers

Well, tap two mana and call me Jimmy! Every game-geek’s secret lover is finally making its way to Android, decked-out in dark red vinyl and a sporting a fiery mop of hair. Chandra Nalaar plays a starring role in this year’s debut of Magic the Gathering 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers, and this time… you can play it on Android. Prepare yourself for a mana-laced onslaught involving ten new
decks (including cards from the 2014 set), 25 new encounters and puzzle challenges, and a brand-new (hitherto “unnamed”) game mode that likely involves Smurfs wielding giant, spikey weapons. Kidding.

Like the previous Duels games, you’ll probably be able to buy new decks as the days wear merrily forward. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, each deck starts at 60 cards and can expand to 90 through completing single-player campaigns, multi-player challenges, or simply by purchasing a deck key. While you’re not able to completely customize a deck, you can still swap cards in/out to a minimum of 60. The jury is still out on how, exactly, 2014 for Android will support multi-player – and this might be a sticking point. says, “It will feature ad-hoc multiplayer at launch and we will continue to examine online multiplayer options for a future update.” So, hopefully that “future update” comes sooner than later because MtG is definitely not a single-player game.


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