Line Of Defense Goes Strategy In Line Of Defense Tactics

Based on the popular MMO world of Line of Defense, 3000 AD studios brings a single player more strategic viewpoint called Line of Defense Tactics. In Line Of Defense Tactics you command a team of four Galactic Command marines in various missions across space stations and huge planetary battlefields.

Line Of Defense Tactics is chocked full of action straight from the Line of Defense comics (and MMO) and feature tons of different features. Combat is real time and has you commanding your marines on foot as well as in a variety of different vehicles. Combat varies from ground based to spaceship battles and more. You ultimately can train your team and upgrade their stats and get more powerful weapons. Some of these include calling in airstrikes, turrets, and a whole lot more. Line Of Defense Tactics is available for download for free but note you only get access to the first three missions. From there you need to spend $4.99 to get the full 16 mission campaign. If you’re a fan of any thing associated with the Line of Defense series then Line Of Defense Tactics is at least worth your time for the first few missions.

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