Kre-o Cityville Invasion Invades Play Store

Zynga brings us an interesting mix of Tower Defense and Arcade-Action battles called Kre-o Cityville Invasion. As they already explained on Play Store: “As Commanding General of the CityVille S.O.S. Force™, you must stop the evil Dr. Mayhem™ and his minions from conquering your city, and the world!”

In short, your goal is to make your city strong and tower defense type siege-proof. Good tactics will enable you to upgrade items for your soldiers and even their skills.


  • 5 Unique Combat Maps
  • 15 Powerful Weapons
  • 35 Characters to Play, Each with Unique and Upgradeable Hats and Suits
  • 25 Story Missions, Plus Over 400 Replayable Challenges to Complete
  • 13 Types of Buildings to Construct and Defend
  • 5 Mighty Defense Turret

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