Just Like Real Life; Real Table Tennis

Who wants to play sports in real life? No one is who! It is the present age and that means we can play any sport we want as a video game. Of all the sports, table tennis for some odd reason seems to be a popular one to get adapted ever since the age of Pong. Real Table Tennis by Giraffe Games Limited is another edition of the tried and true sport to video game and does it well.

In Real Table Tennis you can play in an international table tennis league where there are 20 different characters with unique play styles. There is also a career mode which is a nice addition. Where Real Table Tennis really shines, however, is in the great 3D graphics and the realistic physics. Especially the physics as a lot of sports games in general get the physics wrong and it feels more like a cheap arcade game than a true video game representation. That is not the case though with Real Table Tennis. So if you like table tennis or want to play something that is just plain fun try Real Table Tennis.

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