Join In to Pato & Friends Snowballfight

It is winter and with winter comes snow! With snow comes fun activities like sledding, snow days and of course snow ball fights! Buxton Technology has therefore put out their new snowball centered Android action game called Pato & Friends Snowballfight which features, you guessed it, snow ball fights!

Gameplay in Pato & Friends Snowballfight is very simple. You control various woodland creatures as they try to take out the baddies using snowballs in all sorts of level situations. There are over 70 different levels that are all set in snowy forest landscapes but they all have different challenges. This ranges from having to dodge balloons, spider webs, trees and more. There are four different playable characters and each has their own special moves. Pato & Friends Snowballfight is rendered in beautiful cartoon style graphics that is great for a younger demographic and really makes Pato’s world come to life. If you’re looking for an action based game set in a cute winter wonderland, Pato & Friends Snowballfight is the game for you.

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