Jack Black Leads the Star Voice Cast of Double Fine’s POCA Broken Age

Double Fine Studios looks to be finally putting their Broken Age woes behind them as they finally announced the star voice cast for their highly anticipated Kickstarter game. Leading the roll call is the highly talented actor Jack Black, who will play a cameo role in the character of Harm’ny Lightbeard, the lifter of clouds. Other prominent voice talents include Jennifer Hale (FemShep from Mass Effect) who is expected to play the role of mom.

Fans may remember the previous collaboration of Jack Black and Jennifer Hale as Eddie Riggs & Ophelia in the real time strategy game Brütal Legend. Other prominent voice talents include Richard Horvitz, Nick Jameson, David Kaufman, John Cygan, and Jamieson Price, who have worked with Double Fine Studio’s on a number of previous games.

This casting reveal trailer of Broken Age shows new friends and old enthusiastically voicing lines from the game, and also reveals some of the game characters.

Excited already? Well, the first half of the game will be available via Steam Early Access, but only in the early part of next year. Until then, enjoy the trailer and be on the lookout for more great reveals and stories from the lively production team at Double Fine Studios.

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