It’s The Final Countdown… In Final Fury: War Defense

In Final Fury: War Defense it really is the final standoff. The war between humans and aliens have waged for decades and countless people have died. Now it is the last line of defense and time to tell these alien scum who is boss! Final Fury: War Defense is a top down shooter where you get to play interesting characters from hippies to survivors.

In your shooting beat down of the alien invaders you get to utilize four different weapon systems in some of the most exciting battles you’ll play. There are also a lot of customization options as well as upgrades for your weapons and other aspects. Graphics are in stunning 3D and will have you in levels with a host of different environments. If you are having some trouble or just want some friendly help, Final Fury: War Defense allows Co-op which is a blast. Final Fury: War Defense is a continuation of True Digital Plus’ Final Fury series and seems to be a great iteration. Check out Final Fury: War Defense now on Google Play for free.

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