It’s Sensei Versus Sensei in Sensei Wars

In this fictional world, sensei’s are everywhere and all want the same thing; to rule the world! And there is only one war to decide who is the best and that is through battle. Enter in Sensei Wars by 2K Games which is a 3D combat strategy game similar to Clash of Clans and that recent fad but also a lot different. You’ll build your base and train your sensei but when it comes down to battle you get direct control over your sensei and can do some real damage.

Each player in Sensei Wars gets their own dojo which you need to protect at all costs. Luckily, you get to define what fighting style you want your sensei to utilize to help defend it and yourself. These include tiger, crane and tortoise style. From there you can build up your dojo using all Asian architectural structures like pagadas, Shaolin temples, and the Corridor of Steles. Build up your army and train them in whatever style you want and prepare for battle. Sensei Wars includes singleplayer, multiplayer and coop missions to fit all your needs and give you tons of content to play. If you’re into the recent strategy game fad like Clash of Clans, Sensei Wars is similar but expands upon some features which makes for an interesting game. Get it now for free on Google Play.

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