It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Sketchman!

I am a sucker for games that feature handdrawn art or have that bored class doodle feel to it. Sketchman, by Miniclip, has that written all over it…literally. As the title suggests, Sketchman is a man represented by some sketches on note paper. In Sketchman you’ll become the man in an endless runner that has all the tips and tricks you’ve come to expect.

Miniclip is no stranger to addicting games and Sketchman looks no different. While it is “just an endless runner” it does feature all the things that make me addicted to endless runners. For instance, Sketchman is an endless runner with weapons and you can shoot down opponents and obstacles alike. Missions are present to give you goals to strive for and keep you playing and playing and playing. Better yet is that Sketchman is a frantic game so you’re always on your toes shooting rocket launchers and jumping over drawn landmines. Of course, for me, the selling point is the sketched graphics and Sketchman is all about that. So if you’re into endless runners check out Sketchman by the tried and true Miniclip.

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