Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery; Banana Kong Out Now

A 2D platformer game where you play as a big gorilla collecting bananas, what do you think of? If you said Donkey Kong…well, you’d be wrong for this post. FDG Entertainment just released their game called Banana Kong which looks awful close to Nintendo’s classic Donkey Kong. However, I guess in reality Banana Kong is an endless runner that is just heavily styled to look like and sound like Donkey Kong.

Along the way in your endless running adventure you’ll swing on vines, jump, run and ride animals to outrun the huge banana avalanche behind you. Controls are the simple and expected one touch and swipe based. Collecting bananas fill your energy bar which you can use to give yourself a burst of energy. Riding animals in Banana Kong is interesting and works like Jetpack Joyride. These include riding boars to give you some speed, a toucan to carry you in the sky and even a turtle to guide you underwater. As much as I want to rip on Banana Kong for trying to cash in on the Donkey Kong franchise, I will say it looks very good. Graphically everything is cartoon rendered and very well polished and the endless running aspects are as good as anyone elses. If you’re into Donkey Kong or endless runners, try the combo that is Banana Kong for free.

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