Havok Creates Dungeon Crawler Out Of New Engine Called Project Anarchy

Just a little bit ago it seemed that all the developer, Havoc, had was a new game engine for making PC and console games. They then released a mobile centric engine for making 3D games similar to Unity3D. This engine was called Project Anarchy and now in sort of a tech demo of the capabilities of this new engine, Havoc has released a free dungeon crawler RPG aptly named Project Anarchy to show it off.

Since this Project Anarchy is essentially a tech demo it isn’t as long as a full length dungeon crawler RPG should be, however it is not as short as a normal tech demo and is a full fledged game in its own rights. The Project Anarchy engine features Havok Vision Engine for graphics and a  level editor, Havok Physics for collisions and ragdolls, Havok Animation Studio for character animation and Havok AI for AI for characters.  Even better is that Havoc released the source code for Project Anarchy the game as well as the engine is downloadable for free to get developers into their new engine and figure out all the works. Check out Project Anarchy (the game and the engine) today on Google Play.

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