Gamevil Buys Com2Us; What’s In Store?

Not sure if it really is a surprise that the South Korean game developer and publisher, Gamevil, has bought out Com2Us (another South Korean developer and publisher) for a reported $65 million. These two companies publish games almost on a daily basis it seems and lean heavily on the Anime style, so this matchup makes perfect sense on an outside look.

Gamevil is mostly known for their Zenonia series of action RPGs along with others and Com2Us is known mainly for their Homerun Battle series of sports games. Another reason why this match makes sense is both of these companies are on the forefront of the freemium mobile game business model. And by that I mean they are ruthless with their in-app purchases rendering their games essentially pay to play and pay to win. Not sure what this match will mean for the future of these two companies although the press release mentions they will cooperate to increase competitiveness in the mobile market to strive to maintain their lead in Korea and increase their presence in the rest of the world. Either way two companies are now one.

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