Gamelion Studios Wants You to Have Fun Playing its Military RTS Game Allies in War


The greatest events in history revolve around powerful generals who won hard-fought battles and conquered kingdoms singlehandedly or those who built  powerful alliances and bombarded others until they caved in. With military might and power being the central point of their popularity, it is hardly surprising that military styled war games keep popping up on the Play Store.

Gamelion Studios’ latest venture Allies in War is one such game that puts you in charge of a modern army and tasks you with the job of setting up your base, training your armies, upgrading your resources, crushing your enemies, and then looting them inside out. You will also get good as you give from vengeful enemies so while working on your attack strategy you must also keep strengthening your defenses.

Allies in War is your typical military real-time strategy game. You can play single player missions or form alliances with your friends and other world players and fight in engrossing co-op battles in weekly tournaments. You will of course be rewarded with medals and bonuses for your efforts.

The social aspect of the game lets you donate stuff to your friends and alliance partners as well as receive resources from them. Donations will come in handy when you’re fighting big boss battles and to unlock special buildings.

Allies in War has attractive cartoony graphics that makes the game look rather fun to play. If you enjoy war games, go ahead and check out this one. Gamelion is making this out to be simple to play, yet both fun and addictive. Its available right now on the Play Store for the price of free.

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Awsome game with awsome graphics and awsome gameplay!

Posted by dannyboy 4 years ago

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