FootLOL Aims to Reinvent Football in Space

Who knew that football was popular with aliens? I mean I guess it is the worlds most popular sport…so why wouldn’t aliens want to play it with us. In FootLOL a new football (or soccer) sports game from publisher HeroCraft you get to do exactly that. Play football across four planets with all sorts of aliens.

But in the time that it has taken to find other intelligent life well enough to play football with us the rules have gotten a little crazier. Football know is like a warzone because in FootLOL you can call in airstrikes, place mines, have cows run across the field, move the goal posts, etc. You’ll keep trying to get the upper hand on one another and soon the game of football we all used to know is nothing of the sort…but boy does it look fun. There are 60 levels of crazy LOL football matches with tournament and single player modes. No firm release date for FootLOL yet but only that it will be available on iOS and Android in the upcoming months.

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