Finding The Best Sites To Play The Latest Android Games

Finding the best android games can sometimes feel like searching through a haystack that contains plenty of pins. Sure there’s plenty of really amazing slots games and service providers out there, but then there’s also plenty of chaff to work through too. Until rather recently it was pretty much the case that any ‘review’ or ‘comparison’ site/app was highly biased towards certain operators. This was because they depended upon referrals for their commissions. Unfortunately the consequence of this was that it was very difficult for players to be confident on how authentic the suggestion/ranking was.

The Future Looks Much Better!

The good news is that is now in the process of changing. Thanks to the Slots2Slots Online Casino Slot gaming guide players can now download their app, and receive impartial advice on where to find the best android games. Not only do they score and rank games, but also keep their readership up to date with the latest news and releases in the wonderful world of slots. Remember that they’re completely independent of any direct connection to any online casino – they operate as their own concern and provide a service to their own users.

Thanks to new comparison sites it’s much easier to keep up to track with the best new games, and also the best place to play them. Many new releases – especially those tied in with franchises – are accompanied by generous promotional free spins etc, yet it can be sometimes so easy to miss these. This means that not only are players losing out on some great high quality slots fun, but also the opportunity to play in order to maybe win a little too!

Places To Find The Best Android Games

Naturally there’s no shortage of great online casinos – all which score very well on the reliable comparison apps. However a few stand out simply because they have a certain quality to their games that put them ahead the vast majority of the competition. This could be having exclusive licenses with the best game developers, a simply fantastic rewards and sign up model, or simply just a vast selection of classic and contemporary games. Here’s three of the very best android apps that offer unbeatable user experience.

1) Royal Vegas Online Casino

They aren’t shy about bragging about their association with leading development company Microgaming – nor should they be. This multiple award winning company have pioneered the ever improving experience of small screen slots gaming, offering a fantastic array of slots with pretty much incomparable graphics, immersion and play-ability. The Royal Vegas app is a dream to use – nice clear and uncluttered features with an intelligent sub-menu design that really helps it stand out. A great and highly recommended option.

2) Betway Online Casino

This massive gaming company has only recently managed to get it’s mobile experience up to speed, but they now an app that more than does justice to the rest of their site. Offering extensive, high quality slots and table games (video poker is especially good) in many varieties and formats, there’s also one other significant stand out feature that these guys offer. Without question the most generous sign up/first deposit match, and also regular rewards and freebies for loyal players. A solid choice for the slots fan who may like an alternative flutter once in a while!

3) 777

This is a recent arrival and still slightly a work in progress, but makes this list because of it’s raw potential. As an off-shoot of the massive 888 casino group they have a remarkable amount of spending power behind them, and signs are that they are going to be very high ranking before too long. Like most new-ish casinos sign up bonuses/promos are generous, and they offer a select but very high quality of classic and latest games.

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