Fight Off The Salty Dogs in Pirate Blitz

Most pirate games nowadays I feel focus on the old pirates of lore. You know, Blackbeard and co. type. But pirates still exist in modern times but are more technologically advanced. Pirate Blitz by 12 Gauge Studio is here to fill that modern day pirate gap and has you fending off your ship from pirates coming in from sea, land and air!

In general, Pirate Blitz looks to be a blast. It is fast paced top down shooter action with a pirate theme! The pirates come at you in endless hordes and you’ll have tons of weapons, boats and upgrades to use on them both to help you out. Specifically there are 18 boats you can pilot to take down the salty dogs. Levels are generated randomly so each level is different! Powerups also make the game more arcady and a blast to play. So if you like top down arcade shooters and pirates, check out Pirate Blitz. It is free on Google Play today and looks to be a lot of fun.

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