Fight Fight Zombanite! Stop The Zombie Horde!

In the midst of most zombie games nowadays it is all shooting and full of intense action. While seemingly contrary to its name, Fight Fight Zombanite! by Mojobox Games takes the zombie genre to a more laid back tactical tower defense style although it’ll still throw you for a loop. You control the group of survivors who each have special talents to bring to the zombie fight, whether it be laying bear traps or healing. With a variety of tactical mission types, Fight Fight Zombanite! will keep you busy and your zombie hunger satisfied.

Specifically, Fight Fight Zombanite! has over 50 levels covering six different mission types. These include rescue missions, driving missions, base fixing missions, defend objective missions, holdouts and more. Even better is that each level is randomly generated so while there are “only” 50 levels it might as well almost be infinite. Multi management of your team is the action packed part of Fight Fight Zombanite!  instead of just blasting them away. Do you want to have healers on your team? What about a trap man or a paratrooper? These are questions and decisions you’ll have to make. Fight Fight Zombanite! is represented with cartoony 3D graphics that are surprisingly detailed at times. With a one time flat fee of $2.49 you can get Fight Fight Zombanite! and all it offers with a no more IAP guarantee.

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